The Mascot

I Will Always Remember

(Written in loving memory of Sasha, my “Yellow Mutt”)

A visit to the shelter
I saw you behind that gate
You didn’t even realize
Your impending fate

The day I brought you home
So happy and running free
I knew at that moment
It was meant to be

Always by my side
Never letting me down
Staring at me to play
Eyes innocent and chestnut brown

Your soft golden fur
Those goofy looking ears
Made me smile everyday
And all throughout the years

That visit to the doctor
I was in disbelief
Not realizing that day
I would experience so much grief

You never gave up
We fought the cancer together
There were times during that last year
I thought you would live forever

The worst day of my life
All I could do was cry
Your body weak and frail
It was time to say good-bye

I miss you so much
At times my heart aches
When I see your photos
A feeling of happiness and joy overtakes

So many special moments we shared
Memories that will never fade away
I will always remember
The rainbow I saw your last day

Love your guardian, your Mom