My girls

Sasha – The mascot of Yellow Mutt. After 5 years of college, a new job, and my own place I was ready to get my very own dog.  I new I wanted to rescue a dog. I was looking for a young dog, a lab mix preferably.   On my first visit to the animal shelter I spotted her and she looked straight into my eyes.  I new she was the one, looking so eager with her tail wagging.  She was 6 months old, and that day my life was changed forever, though I  did not know it at the time of course.

She made hard times less hard, and happy times even happier.  An incredibly athletic dog, and always smiling.  She quickly became my best friend and never left my side.  I never knew devotion like that before.

She was 15 years old when she died of lymphoma on Jan. 18th 2010.  I think of her often, and surround myself with her photos.  I am so thankful she was a part of my life.



Mattie – Mattie was my first pet in my new place after college.  I adopted her from the vet technician program I was enrolled in at the time.  The school gets animals from local shelters for students to practice their technical skills.  At the end of each semester, the school adopts them out.  On the last day of adoptions, no one had signed up to adopt her.  I couldn’t bear the thought of letting her go back to the shelter, so I brought her home the next day.

It took her several months to come out of her shell.  One day I was lying on the couch watching television when all of a sudden she jumped up on the couch and laid beside me.  After that I knew she trusted me.  She blossomed into a loving and affectionate kitty. She passed away on November 4th, 2010 at 17 years old.

                                                                                   I miss her sweet meow and her soft black fur.



Amber – I adopted Amber at 4 months of age from the Wenatchee Humane Society in August 2010.  At 3 months old she was found by animal control, along with her litter mates, abandoned.  She was very shy, fearful, and reserved.

Once I got her home it became apparent she never had been inside a home before and did not trust people.  I have spent every day working with her on her fears and social issues.  She is 3 years old now, and no longer lives in fear and is able to live a life of happiness and security.  She still has issues with strangers, especially with men, but overall is much better.  She enjoys new adventures and makes a great model for me while practicing my pet photography.




Squeakers – Last but not least, I adopted Squeakers in November 2010 from Homeward Pet Adoption Center.  I wasn’t certain I wanted another cat after Mattie passed, but Amber loved other animals and I knew a playmate would be good for her.

Squeakers was 3 months old, very social and very playful.  She didn’t appear to fear anything, and demanded attention.  Quite the opposite of Amber.

She is always by my side. I can’t sit at the computer without her falling asleep on my lap purring.  She’s my little sidekick. I love snuggling with her on the couch and giving her smooches on her cheek.  She is definitely one of a kind.